With respect to the Farmindustria Code of Ethics and in particular with reference to Article 3.5 (“It is forbidden to organize or sponsor conference events that are held or that provide for the hospitality of participants in facilities such as: Resorts, Ships, Castles that are located outside the city context, Farmhouses, Farm Holidays, Golf Clubs, Thermal Structures or that have as their main activity services dedicated to Wellness or SPA”) our property is located within the city framework and our main activity is business and congresses, the provision of the wellness centre is to complement the main business.

In reference to article 3.8 (“Italian locations that are located by the sea and that are regional or provincial capitals and are also home to important university hospitals are exempt from the application of this prohibition. This, on condition that the congressional work and the hospitality of the participants is concentrated in the city context of the capital with exclusion, however, of structures that are located near stretches of sea equipped and usable for bathing”) we specify that Villa Maria Hotel is situated in the hilly area of Francavilla, 2.5 km from the sea, and therefore far from the local seaside environment, that in any case is only and exclusively active in the summer period.


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